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How Vionic Shoes Can Help Your Feet

Feeling comfortable and confident on your feet is something that many people often take for granted. However, issues like bunions or hammertoe can quickly cause you to feel as though you can no longer walk or stand easily. Vionic shoes help you stay comfortable despite your foot problems and can even aid in preventing these problems altogether. Find out more about Vionic shoes with Dr. Lori Paragas at CT Family Foot Care and Surgery in Hamden, CT.

What are Vionic Shoes? 
Vionic shoes are a stylish, comfortable answer to traditional footwear. Created by a podiatrist, Vonic shoes are made to provide stable support and natural alignment of the foot in every style to help relieve foot pain naturally with a built-in orthotic.

How Can Vionic Shoes Help Me? 
Wearing the right kind of shoes can help slow the growth of issues like bunions or hammertoes and even prevent them from becoming worse or occurring at all. Traditionally, podiatrists suggested avoiding certain kinds of shoes and wearing orthotics inside more comfortable styles. This would help even out the patient’s stride and allow them to walk and stand normally. Vionic shoes, however, take one-size-fits-all orthotics and transform them into a fashionable shoe that anyone can confidently wear. Vionic shoes have orthotics built into them, giving you the stability you need in the styles you want.

Protecting Your Feet with Vionic Shoes in Hamden, CT
Vionic shoes come in a variety of different stylish types, including some with high heels, which most people with issues like bunion or hammertoe would be told to avoid altogether. If you think you could benefit from wearing Vionic shoes, you should consult with your podiatrist to ensure that this is a good treatment and prevention option for you and your feet.

For more information on Vionic shoes, please contact Dr. Lori Paragas at CT Family Foot Care and Surgery in Hamden, CT. Call (203) 288-0129 to schedule your appointment with your foot doctor today!

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