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Common Causes of Foot Pain

Foot painYour feet provide you with hours of support during your day as you work, exercise, and travel from point A to point B. If you consider how many pounds the average person carries around, that is an amazing feat. When they start to hurt it can be more than just a pain—it can stop you from enjoying the freedom to move about as you wish. Learn more about the common causes of foot pain and seek help from a podiatrist at CT Family Foot Care and Surgery in Hamden, CT.

Foot Pain Symptoms and Statistics
The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) estimates that as many as 77% of Americans experience some type of foot pain, whether they have it treated or not. Foot pain can be felt in various places, from the toes to the ankles and lower legs, but over half of reporting patients complain of heel pain according to the APMA. The pain may be dull and aching, but it can also be sharp and acute. Sensations of pain in the feet may be accompanied by swelling and redness around the affected area. 

Common Causes of Foot Pain
Foot pain is almost always caused by some type of repetitive activity or habit. For instance, wearing a pair of uncomfortable high-heeled shoes can be the cause of plantar fasciitis, which causes heel pain. Friction from a bunion, which is also often caused by uncomfortable footwear, is another possible cause. Patients who play sports or exercise often may have pain caused by sprains or fractures.

Foot Pain Treatments
A number of treatment options are available at CT Family Foot Care and Surgery in Hamden. Relieving your foot pain usually starts with stabilizing the feet so that they are no longer vulnerable to stress or injury. Here are some of the most common treatments:

- X-ray imaging to properly diagnose the cause of the pain.
- Foot splinting and wrapping (common for athletes).
- MLS laser therapy.
- Surgery performed by a highly qualified, board-certified podiatric surgeon.

Fix Your Feet
Many people choose to live with foot pain until the symptoms get worse. You can get relief and healing now by contacting CT Family Foot Care and Surgery in Hamden, CT. Call (203) 288-0129 today for a foot exam with Dr. Lori Paragas.

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