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Could MLS Laser Therapy Help Me?

Regardless of what causes it, foot pain can quickly affect your daily routine and cause walking or even simply standing to become a painful mls laser therapyand frustrating task. Luckily, a non-invasive laser procedure can help you and your doctor treat your foot pain. Find out more about MLS laser therapy with Dr. Lori Paragas at CT Family Foot Care and Surgery in Hamden, CT.

What is MLS laser therapy? 
MLS laser therapy uses a concentrated laser beam directed at painful areas. The laser delivers therapeutic pulses which penetrate the top 3-4 cm of the skin to promote healing, minimize inflammation, and reducing pain. The laser uses a unique combination of delivering the laser pulses to accurately and efficiently treat your foot pain. The procedure is painless and treats both acute and chronic pain, making it versatile and able to help a variety of patients in a variety of situations.

Do I need MLS laser therapy? 
Though consulting with your doctor is the best way to determine if you could benefit from MLS laser therapy, some conditions are often treated with this procedure. Some examples of foot-related conditions often treated by MLS laser therapy include:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • sprains and strains
  • neuromas
  • neuropathies
  • tendonitis
  • sports injuries
  • soft tissue injuries
  • arthritis

MLS Laser Therapy in Hamden, CT 
In addition to the ease and versatility of the procedure, many patients have reported almost immediate results. Though suggested treatment frequency varies from patient to patient, many cases require several consecutive treatments. Some situations may need several treatments within a shorter period of time, while other cases may benefit more from treatments spread out over a longer period of time. Your podiatrist may suggest using MLS laser therapy in conjunction with other treatments, like specialized stretches or exercises during physical therapy, a brace worn during the day or at night, or even surgery. Your doctor can help you determine the best treatment plan for you.

For more information on MLS laser therapy, please contact Dr. Paragas at CT Family Foot Care and Surgery in Hamden, CT. Call (203) 288-0129 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Paragas today!

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