How to Avoid & Treat Fungal Toenail Infections

Sometimes advanced fungal toenail infections can be very difficult to completely eradicate. This is partially because the inside of your shoes is the ideal environment for the fungi to grow in, so you need to be proactive at avoiding contact with the microbes and eliminating the bugs that are already causing problems. 

0521469001556121953.jpgSome of the causes of recurring fungal toenail Infections include the following:

Incomplete treatment—Over-the-counter treatments are frequently ineffective at eliminating the fungus completely. Symptoms may go away temporarily, but they often return due to the incomplete treatment.

Continued exposure to the microbes—Keeping the fungi out of your footwear is essential to avoid new infections. Wear shower shoes or sandals in public showers and locker rooms to help avoid contact with microbes.

Having a weak immune system—People who have compromised immune systems, diabetes, or circulatory problems are more susceptible to fungal toenail infections.

Treating and avoiding fungal toenail infections involves the following:

Topical remedies—Apply antifungal spray or lotions on your feet and inside your shoes to kill the microbes.

Keep your feet clean and dry—Always switch your shoes every day and let them dry out to help kill the microbes. Wash and dry your feet at least once every day.

Protect your feet—Wear protective shower shoes or sandals in locker rooms, showers, and pool areas to help prevent contact with fungi and bacteria.

Nail removal—In severe cases, complete removal of the nail may be necessary to attack the fungus directly.

If you have a problematic fungal toenail infection, make an appointment with your foot doctor for the best care. At CT Family Foot Care and Surgery, Lori K. Paragas, DPM treats many foot and ankle conditions including diabetic foot problems, bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. At our Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center,  Dr. Martin C. Donnelly, D.C. treats a wide variety of conditions including back & neck pain, post-operative pain, hip, leg & knee pain and shoulder, arm and hand pain. CT Family Foot Care and Surgery and the Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center provide specialized, high-quality service for patients in the Hamden, CT area. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles contact us at (203) 288-0129 and to reach the laser center call (203) 507-2290.

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