3 Amazing Biological Effects of Laser Therapy

MLS laser therapy is a practically painless way to treat many conditions using pulsed and continuous laser emissions to promote faster healing while decreasing swelling and discomfort.0872018001574799093.jpg

Some of the many conditions treated include tendonitis, heel pain, arch pain, and ankle sprains, just to name a few. The laser can also be used to help heal abrasions and to treat diabetic ulcers.

3 of the amazing biological effects of MLS laser therapy include the following:

  1. Photochemical effects—The laser produces a direct transfer of energy to the biological sublayers to enhance enzyme production, increase cellular metabolism, and to reduce the perception of pain.
  2. Photothermal effects—The photothermal effects improve blood circulation and provide an increased supply of oxygen and more efficient delivery of nutrients.
  3. Photomechanical effects—An extracellular matrix is formed to speed tissue repair and generation including an increase in lymph node functioning, the absorption of pooling fluids and the improvement of microcirculation.

A laser therapy session usually takes less than ten minutes, with many people reporting pain relief and other signs of improvement after just one treatment. There are no negative side effects and you will require less pain management.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort and would like to try this cutting-edge treatment, contact the advanced laser center. At CT Family Foot Care and Surgery, Lori K. Paragas, DPM treats many feet and ankle conditions including diabetic foot problems, bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. At our Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center, Dr. Martin C. Donnelly, D.C. treats a wide variety of conditions including back & neck pain, post-operative pain, hip, leg and knee pain and shoulder, arm and hand pain. CT Family Foot Care and Surgery and the Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center provide specialized, high-quality service for patients in the Hamden, CT area. For any problems, you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles contact us at (203) 288-0129 and to reach the laser center call (203) 507-2290.

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