Foot Pain

Treatment For Foot Pain in Hamden, CT

Foot Pain in Hamden, CT

Are you one of the many Hamden area residents who suffer from severe or persistent foot pain? If so, a trip to CT Family Foot Care and Surgery may be in order. Here are three things Dr. Lori Paragas can do for you.

1. Make an Accurate Diagnosis

You think your foot pain is just a sprain, but do you know for sure? Make the wrong assumption and you'll miss out on vital treatment and delay or possibly even prevent your full recovery. By visiting CT Family Foot Care and Surgery, however, you can find out the problem for sure. An accurate diagnosis is the first and most essential step on the road to recovery. We use state-the-art digital x-ray imaging to help diagnose your condition.

2. Create a Personalized Treatment Plan

Once you have your diagnosis, you'll need a few action steps to assist you on the road to recovery. Dr. Paragas has just the personalized recommendations for sure. Don't settle for some generic advice you find online. Get advice custom tailored to your injury, your medical history, and your lifestyle.

We find that the majority of our patients will feel better without surgery. We offer the most advanced painless solution for treating pain - MLS laser therapy. If surgery is required, you'll be in great hands with Dr. Paragas, a board certified podiatric surgeon.

3. Have You Feeling Better in No Time

No one wants to spend more time in pain than necessary. Yet, when you choose to delay treatment, that's exactly what you do. Stop wishing and hoping the pain will go away on its own; it may not. Instead, visit CT Family Foot Care and Surgery for your diagnosis and treatment plan and begin your path towards recovery today.

Whether your foot pain is minor or severe, you deserve a life free of pain. One trip to CT Family Foot Care and Surgery may be all you need to finally find the relief you've been seeking. Don't live with foot pain any longer than you have to. Call and schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in Hamden, CT today.

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