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What are Vionic Shoes?

Vionic Shoes in Hamden, CT

We really put our feet through a lot of abuse day in and day out. While feet are naturally equipped to deal with soft ground, they were never meant to put up with hard surfaces like cement that man has built. Don’t you want to give your feet the TLC they deserve to prevent problems from happening to you?

Here at CT Family Foot Care and Surgery, we believe prevention is an important part of foot health. Find out how Vionic Shoes could help improve your stride and keep your feet protected from daily stress.

Many of our clients are women who are dealing with hammertoes, bunions and other pain and chronic foot conditions because of the shoes they’ve worn over the years. It’s true that high heels can bunch up toes and put a lot of stress on the heels, arches and bones of the foot. Over time, this causes a lot of problems. Of course, we understand that style is also important when it comes to the shoes you wear. You want a shoe that you’ll be able to wear to work that will also show off your style. This is where Vionic shoes come in.

With Vionic shoes you don’t have to sacrifice style but your feet also don’t have to suffer. Vionic shoes offer contouring for both men and women that has been engineered into each shoe, whether you want to sport a sandal, pump or loafers. These shoes offer the stability, support and cushioning that your feet not only deserve but also need to get through each and every day. These shoes are even recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Instead of buying those one-size-fits-most orthotics from your local drugstore, which can often do more harm than good for your feet, why not choose shoes that already have orthotic support built right in? Now you don’t have to give up those heels altogether but you can wear ones that provide your arches with the proper support and pressure distribution that they need to prevent strain, structural misalignments and other problems from happening.

If you are dealing with strained feet then it’s time to find out
how Vionic shoes could help you.
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